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New album "SURREALITY CHECK" - out now

SKISKA SKOOPER is the musical equivalent to a kick in the face. Skewed guitars, distorted vocals, warped synths and droney drums invade your comfort zone and take you to a trancelike state. As you start to drift away, you realize you won’t be able to forget this experience any time soon.

In 2018 Skiska Skooper ended up in The Big Belgian Noiserock list, alongside Raketkanon, Vandal X, Cocaine Piss and many more.

Gonzo (NL) - “The album everyone is waiting for who realizes Raketkanon won’t spit out a new one"

Luminous Dash (BE) - “Instant national heritage”

Humo (BE) - “Skiska Skooper has become indispensable in the Belgian underground guitar scene”

Downtuned (GR) - “[…] and blow your mind to pieces”

Turn Up The Volume (BE) - "Next to Skiska Skooper‘s digital chaos, Sonic Youth sound like harmonious pussies”


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