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Sir Jacobs: https://www.facebook.com/DjSirjacobs

Aron Sirjacobs AKA Sir Jacobs is a young, promising DJ who has found his passion for house music. At the age of 20 he played the last tracks on Tommorwland. During the year he plays every week at the mainroom of Decadance where also does his own party’s. He has also played at Niche Club, Café Charlatan & Viking in Ghent.

Some Highlights in decadance are “Netsky official album release 2016” where he performed after Netsky himself. And performing before Nico Morano, Marco Baily, Dr Lektoluv and stavroz ….

≈Studio Brussel ( FILEFUIF every day with Eva De Roo & Vincent Byloo )

≈Dreamville Tomorrowland

≈Outsiderz festival

≈Frontline festival

≈Dreambeats festival

≈Student Kick off - Gent

≈Netsky album release tour ( AFTER NETSKY )

≈Sirkus party’s

≈Niche Club


≈Surfcamps Boardx

≈Viking Gent/Odk

≈MNM start to Dj afterparty's

≈Jeugdfeesten Gullegem

≈FAM Europe

≈Salito Beach

≈Koko Beach

≈Beach Village

≈Chagall Beach



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