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Signs Of Algorithm is a Belgian Metalcoreband.

  • The band exists for 6 years, played more than 250 shows including 5 European tours in countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia & filled supportslots for bands like Carnifex (US), Kataklysm (CA), I Wrestled A Bear Once (US), Aborted (BE), Texas In July (US), Bury Tomorrow (UK), I The Breather (US), Heart In Hand (UK), Novelists (FR), Kingdom Of Giants (US) & many more great bands …
  • In 2015 Signs Of Algorithm released their track “New Horizons Yet To Come” & crossed 11 countries with 22 shows on the New Horizons Summer Tour. In january 2016 Signs Of Algorithm entered Evolution Studios in Italy to record their debut album "HARBINGER" that is released through White Tower Records on 19 march 2016.
  • A new horizon rose for Signs Of Algorithm …
  • In 2018 they celebrated their 5th anniversary on Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. One hell of a concert for 5000 people was the perfect birthday present.
  • Meanwhile Signs Of Algorithm had several appearances on different festivals throughout Europe like Graspop Metal Meeting (BE), Metaldays (SI), Kraken Rock & Metal Fest (BE), Occultfest (NL), Limen Screamblast Festival (CZ), 6K Festival (BE), Metalspeck Festival (DE), Mid Summer Festival (BE), Yarp Festival (UK), Cross The Line Festival (NL), Gentse Feesten (BE) & many more ...
  • 2019 brought a coöperation between Signs Of Algorithm & Luk Wyns, Belgian actor and director. Both parties shook hands and made the videoclip for the new single “Skincrawler” which was released in June 2019.
  • Everyone is always welcome to come out and see Signs Of Algorithm live on stage. They’ll give you one hell of a show you won’t forget. See you on, under or beside the stage!

Cheers !!

Signs Of Algorithm

Feel free to check the official bandpage on www.facebook.com/signsofalgorithm


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