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R&B, with a contemporary twist. But there is more to it. Only 20-years-old but when looking at Sevens’ musical output, it looks like he has been hanging around for ages. Slowly, but steadily, making himself a name. Sevens is – as young as he may be – an experienced songwriter, with a keen interest in and passion for all things urban related. With each release it looks like he peels off another layer of his musical talent.

Self made, a true 2020-musician who knows his way around the mixing table, plays the guitar and the piano. All the ingredients are there to serve you an urban dish, with a twist and a sweet aftertaste. Style wise? Laidback, with a sharp edge, gripping rhymes and a well-placed rap, beautifully laid out on cool beats and enchanting melodies. When listening to Sevens’ music, you’ll find yourself submerged in an oeuvre with echoes of Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar and Tom Misch.

Sevens is driven. With a passion. His zest already brought him to the UrbanNice Battle of Talents (2020, MNM), rotation on Studio Brussels and 20.000 Spotify monthly listeners. The national music blogs are big fans. Dansende Beren, for example, wrote upon the release of the ‘Golden Girl’ -single: “This could be Sevens’ big breakthrough song!”

The lad is currently working on his debut EP, to be released August 2021.

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