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At 21 years old it’s rare to find an artist with such composure and artistry.

Sevens is - as young as he may be - an experienced songwriter, with a keen interest in and passion for storytelling. Being an autodidact and multi-instrumentalist allows Sevens to be one with his music. It truly feels as if his heart and soul are woven into his songs. Profound lyricism mixed with enchanting harmonies, sultry beats and a captivating baritone voice are all the ingredients you need to be submerged in Sevens’ world.

An artist this versatile doesn’t like to be boxed in a genre, but it tends to go towards Alternative R&B. When listening to Sevens’ music, you’ll find yourself engulfed in an oeuvre with echoes of Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar and James Blake.

“Poetry In Motion”, the long awaited debut-EP is out on all platforms.


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