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EP 'IV Movements' Out Now: https://NEWS.lnk.to/IVmovements

Concert bookings: christophe@alpha-artists.be Info & press: seizoensklanken@gmail.com

‘IV Movements’ is the new EP by Antwerp-based trio SeizoensKlanken. After the success of the first full album ‘DagxNacht’, the group formed by Gilles Helsen (keys) and Freek Vreys (guitar) expands with jazz-percussionist Cas Kinnaer. The musical recipe of SeizoensKlanken remains the same: instrumental compositions balancing between colourful afrobeat and intimate electronica. As the title ‘IV Movements’ suggests, the EP is made of four ‘movements’ or musical parts, like a classical symphony. At the same time it refers to the interdisciplinary collaboration between SeizoensKlanken and choreographer Evelyne Van Hecke, who has created a dance choreography for the music of the EP with her dance company Moving Ground


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