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Sarah Espour is a multidisciplinary artist, from the performing arts, she is a singer-songwriter, actress & performer. She made her debut in music in February 2019, creating, recording and mixing her own compositions. She was the first act for Brendan Perry (DEAD CAN DANCE) at the Reflektor in Liège, and KAZU (BLONDE REDHEAD) at the Botanique in Brussels...

She's inspired by many artists : Jorja Chalmers, Agnès Obel, Björk, Thom Yorke, David Lynch, Kate Bush, Beth Gibbons, Pj Harvey, Chromatics… Sarah Espour created a first show, "Les Dévorantes": a multidisciplinary performance that combines music, movement, video & theater. The show is supported by La Fédération-Wallonie-Bruxelles, Le Festival de Liège and Le Tandem - Scène Nationale d'Arras in France.

Felicitaties van de juRRRy Red Rock Rally Brugge 2020.

Press article : Luminous Dash - Sarah Espour

Elle adore le noir - Arno ( cover )

Luminous Dash - Botanique Brussels


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