RUTH. is a soloproject from Ruth Quinten. She starts to write songs as a young child. Songs that represent her feelings and life experiences. Her inside world, shared via music.

    • Indie Pop
    • Alternative
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Dreampop
    • Indiepop
    • Solo
    • Band
  • Elsene


Ruth. starts to sing and play guitar as a young child. Inspired by different indiepop artists, jazz and classic singersongwriters, she soon begins to write her own songs. Heartfelt emotions, well structured melodies and honest storytelling are caught in intimate songs. The result is a collection of musical stories that deal with some (if not thé) important topics in life : love, compassion, regret, joy, anger, in all it's aspects.

After releasing a single CD "Colours" (self production) and playing many different kinds of concerts, Ruth. starts to write new songs. Songs that show a mature side and give space to more jazzy and even psychedelic influences. Songs that also scream for a ‘bigger’ setting musicwise.

Something producer Stijn Debontridder manages to capture perfectly with the recording of the EP ‘Inside out’ in the summer of 2022. An EP that combines virtuosity, creativity and warmth in three beautiful songs that blend in well and each show another side of the Ruth. spectrum.

Ruth. is ready to share her new music on stage. Together with her new liveband: Hanne Gielen, Merel Bastaens & Stien Vlayen. After a couple of first shows, they are ready to hit many more stages!




  • Ruth Quinten

    • 23
    • Nieuwrode (BE)

    Toetsen - Gitaar - Stem

  • Hanne

    • 26
    • Aarschot, België

    Toetsen - Bas - Stem

  • Merel

    • 27
    • Aarschot, België

    Drum - Percussie - Stem

  • Stien Vlayen

    • 23
    • Leuven, België

    Elektronica - Strijker - Stem - Toetsen - Piano & keys



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