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"Ghent (BE) based ROOK is a 5 piece band of self-challenging musicians, creating an overwhelming experience that is constantly flirting with the limits of sound. Within a slow, doomy context they experiment with darkness and chaos resulting in mesmerizing songs. A massive wall of sound that is at the same time characterized by an immeasurable fragility.

ROOK is paving their own way since 2015 with remarkable live shows and surprising releases along the way. Their first EP ‘I’ (2019) is a first glimpse into their gloomy, dark world with three songs leaving the listener hypnotized and confused. Tribal rhythms, tantric repetition and soaring vocals: it all contributes to their ever-evolving sound. However, one can not simply put a label on their music as there’s so much to discover. Oúfo, their follow-up EP released in 2020, is showcasing their hunger for experimentation even more. This lo-fi sounding compilation of improvised jams takes the listener on an enchanting trip to a foggy underworld and is the perfect impetus for what is to come."

???????????????? ??????????, our debut full length will be out on May 13th 2022!


ROOK previously played at:

The Botanique (Loudfest), Trefpunt (with Wyatt E.), the Sint-Jacobskerk in Ghent, Dunk!festival 2021, ... and were selected for Sound Track.

Already scheduled to play at dunk!festival 2022.

ROOK also did a self powered event ‘NEBULA’ back in 2018, together with Moustachemusic.




  • Ep. I (Ep, 2019) > Ep. I is available on limited edition 12” vinyl and on CD
  • DARKER SHADE - Autumna Javelin Rmx (single, 2020) > Digital release
  • No Ocean - Mathlovsky Remix (single, 2020) > Digital release
  • Oúfo (Ep, collection of jams from the archives, 2020) > Digital release
  • The Shoulder (single, 2022) > Digital release


"In een klein half uurtje heeft Rook vooral duisternis uitgekleed en er door experimentele toevoegingen een kunstwerk van gemaakt boordevol chaos. Zonder de geluidsmuur te verpulveren, eerder door je ziel binnen te dringen. Je te hypnotiseren en je uiteindelijk te confronteren met je eigen demonen." - Musiczine


"Live indrukwekkend" - kilroy-records


"Transcendentale klanken en volle geluidsgolven gaan een iets tantrisch ritueler klinkend deel vooraf. De zuiver zwevende vocalen en handpercussie nemen je mee in een meditatief muzikale trip die naarmate het nummer vordert met toenemende gitaartrillingen steeds voller en rijker klinkt. Bijna elf minuten lang genieten!" - Luminous Dash




  • Billie

    • 27
    • Gent (BE)

    Toetsen - Stem

  • Hans

    • 30
    • Gent (BE)

    Drum - Blazer - Elektronica

  • Michel

    • 28
    • Gent (BE)

    Elektronica - Bas

  • Brann

    • 34
    • Gent (BE)

    Percussie - Gitaar - Stem

  • Sner

    • 28
    • Gent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem



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