Punchline Hunting Season

Punchline Hunting Season

Experimental hardcore three piece.

    • Psychedelic
    • Math Rock
    • hardcore
    • Band
  • Antwerpen-Stad


"Punchline Hunting Season perform invigorating jams. The group performs a kind of combination of crushing post-metal with noisy hardcore, and their particular sound feels broadly reminiscent of the invitingly familiar trend of mash-ups of post-rock and screamo — here, the band just gets super heavy, for starters. The riffing and drum rhythms feel cavernous, and listening to the EP feels a bit like jamming along with the band in a packed club as pieces of the building itself fall apart." Caleb Newton @

"Belgium’s PUNCHLINE HUNTING SEASON are a truly sensational three-piece that blew our touring bands out of the water when we played with them. These four new tracks are an astounding leap in sonic progression, mixing gorgeous bass riffs over unique guitar structuring and commanding beats. The scorching vocals and occasional visit from John Carpenter synths make this a beast of its own, and it’s fucking awesome.. Released on Tomb Tree Tapes." David Norman @ Tomb Tree Tapes / Zegema Beach Records

"On Lonesome In Aisle 7, Punchline Hunting Season offer up four tracks of chaotic and volatile sounding post hardcore, math rock, and screamo. Overall, Lonesome In Aisle 7 makes for an amazing listen and definitely should not be missed. Highly recommended! Enjoy!" Chris Walker @

"Mathy post-hardcore from Belgium that fuses innovative chord progressions with temper tantrums." Chris Walker @ Fecking Bahamas




  • Nina Schlosser

    • 33
    • Antwerpen, België


  • Cedric Genot

    • 40
    • Vosselaar, België


  • Sean Denissen

    • 35
    • Zwijndrecht, België




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