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Carving out their space in the cyber-pop world, Belgian duo Promis3’s captivating productions, mesmerising visuals and striking aesthetic are a testament to the special chemistry between members Andras and Brent. From the moment they locked eyes, Promis3 and their Simulated Paradise was born - their creative synergy clear from day one, the duo constantly pushing the boundaries of a recognisable, yet confronting visual identity.

Crediting their intense connection in giving them confidence to write their songs in an autobiographical way, it’s clear that Promis3’s shared influences span far and wide, their repertoire shaped by gaming soundtracks, anime, 00’s trance, dubstep, europop, and so much more. Having garnered attention from the likes of PAPER, METAL, TMRW and Noctis with their recent single Future Funeral, and their beautifully, haunting cover of euro-pop classic, Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue’, Promis3 are truly ascending.

Self-releasing through Simulated Paradise, the duo set up the imprint as their own creative agency and as a platform to release music and to collaborate with other artists, with a focus on not just their own but also artwork, concepts, remixes and further creative opportunities for other artists.


“The four-track EP is an emotional debut from the rising duo and a clear indication of the start of something quite beautiful” - Kaltblut Magazine (VICE media)

“Production is tight, smooth, and engaging, but it’s the unique take on the pop canon that sets the pair aside.” - TMRW Magazine

“Promis3 is a brand new pop duo that surprised us with a fresh house sound.” - Red Bull Elektropedia

“Promis3 can be the next big thing in pop” - ENFNTS TERRIBLES







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