piffy is not a popstar. she’s the mother of bats and the daughter of beats, writes smooth melodies and bangs big kicks. the perfect music to dance and cry to at the same time.

    • Electronic
    • Pop
    • Solo
  • Antwerpen-Stad


there’s a place behind the stars

it’s wet and shiny, dark and blue

with dirty roads and furry cars

in the milkyway of peekaboo

a misty flow of dreams and dust

the little orbit floats along

it’s really not that bright and cute

the globe you plan to land upon

welcome to the piffiverse

where beats are banging at the door

the spooky sprouts have things to say

beware of what you are coming for !!!!!

Artist in residence @ Trix <3



  • Stien Bovijn

    • 29
    • Antwerpen, België

    Elektronica - Andere - Stem


  • Café Overlast

    Antwerpen, België

  • FiftyLab

    Brussel, België

  • Trix - support Hemlocke Springs

    Antwerpen, België

  • Dokrijk - aftershow Whispering Sons

    Antwerpen, België

  • Het Bos

    Antwerpen, België


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