Pete O'Deep

Pete O'Deep

MUSIC with a SOUL, MUSIC with a HEART... MUSIC that makes us feel DIFFERENT and APART!!!

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    • Afro House
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The 80’s were the decade that several electronic music genres were developed including Techno, House and Freestyle. That decade was a time of evolution in music and in particular in ’87 when Johnny Logan won Eurovision, Whitney Houston was the 1st female in the Billboard 100 and Guns & Roses released “Appetite for destruction” which would become one of the best selling albums of all time. It was in that magical year that Pete O’Deep was born! Pete’s childhood was aligned with the growth of House and Techno into international success in the 90’s and at the age of 6, when Pete discovered his love for music, Prince turned his name into The Symbol. Only five years later, at the age of 11, Pete started to make his own mixes. The following years Pete grew into a man with a passionate heart and a musical soul and by the time Adèle’s number “Rolling in the Deep” became n°1 in The Billboard year end Hot 100 things started rolling for Pete O’Deep too. With deep basses, melodic leads and uplifting percussion Pete learned to express his authentic feelings with his music and started making his own tracks. When in 2016 Pete received the most beautiful gift a man can get by becoming a father his dedication to bring up his young child made him focus on creating a music filled home more than performing on stages and in clubs. Soon he realized that his boy Lian inherited his love for music and that made him decide that he had to bring his passion again to a higher level to fulfill his dreams and thereby showing his son he can too one day. So when in 2019 Lian started going to school Pete found it was time to launch himself to a higher level of recognition and played his 1st releases live in Ibiza!!

Pete varies in his sets and takes you from Ibiza over Berlin to New York. With sultry beats and soaring melodies to energetic soulfull afro house and danceable funky tech house. Even the deeper melodic techno records can be reviewed. This is always finely tuned to the needs of the crowd to let them go completely crazy.

In his own productions Pete is always looking to express his authentic feelings. Therefore he uses deep basses, melodic leads and uplifting percussion Pete learned to speak with his music in a different way.

MUSIC with a SOUL, MUSIC with a HEART... MUSIC that makes us feel DIFFERENT and APART!


Resident: - Crossing Borderlines Radioshow (Every Sunday on KIX Belgium) - Revkon Records - klank Caroussel - FLUSH


Max-cue – Pete-odeep-max-cue-inky-woodwinds-free-download


Dj-contest COBANGO (2013) => Winner

Dj-contest INSOMNIANIGHTS (2015) => Final

Dj-contest TOPRADIO Aalter (2015) => 3rd/108

Dj-contest Girl Like Dj's at IKON Antwerp (2017) => Winner

Guest @:

L'Amorigen (Ibiza) - Girls Like Dj's @ IKON (Antwerp) & Versuz (Hasselt) -Replay Festival - Dance D-Vision - Sunrise Festival - The Big Bounce Festival - Zomertuin - Air Force One - EDEM beachclub (Corfu,Greece) -Deca Dance - Babylo - La Rocca - D-Tox - The Kings - BOCCA - ...




  • Pete O'deep

    • 36
    • Aalst (BE)



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