Peenoise are two brothers from Belgium creating contemporary music. The band takes on experimentation and seeks out their sound in a fresh and playful way

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Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy and Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy, have been making music together since childhood. Their music sounds ominous, catastrophic, but also warm and infectious.

Their debut album Forevergem (LP, 2020, Gong Ear) was received with very good reviews: "We heard very few things that sounded the same, something that cannot be taken for granted" (Indie Style). The album was produced by their long-time partner Geoffrey Burton (Arno, Iggy Pop, Hong Kong Dong). That same year Peenoise was one of the Sound Track winners and proved to be one of the most fresh and promising Belgian artists of the moment. Headwalking (EP, 2021) and Rooms to Dark Boats in the Night and Views in the Light (LP, 2022) were recorded at their own Forevergemstudio and released under their own label Forevergem Records.

This year Straight Lines Strange People (LP, 2024, Forevergem Records) will release. The album could be the soundtrack for a futuristic-baroque film, which does not yet exist. For three years, Peenoise worked on this record, in dark forests, green fields, and on snowy mountain tops. Gradually, they began to build their own musical landscape in which they allow humor, darkness and surrealism to coexist. A place where imagination can thrive and flourish. They went even further in their research and created music that is almost entirely instrumental. Only now and then a human voice – their third brother, Titus - appears, reflecting on life, poetically. The outcome is disturbingly strange and moving at the same time.

The album will premiere at Meakusma Festival - Eupen (30-08-24), and then play at the opening festival of Botanique - Brussels (06-09-24), at De Roma - Antwerp (19-09-2024), and at De Snuffel - Brugge (12-10-2024). They did a tour in advance with their new music in Portugal this May; including Lounge - Lisbon, Triciclo - Barcelos, Maus Habitos - Porto, VIC Aveiro Art House - Aveiro.

Live Peenoise is accompanied by Elias Devoldere (drums).

Peenoise also writes music for series (VRT Max) and theater ( WOLF WOLF, Kopergietry)

Quotes Press

Forevergem (LP, 2020, Gong Ear): "Peenoise brings out a unique sound on their debut album that hits the mark every millisecond" - (★★★★½) Dansende Beren. "The first notes of Forevergem take you to another dimension and create a delusion of weightlessness, a floaty gloom that contains a bliss" - Luminous Dash

Headwalking (EP, 2021, Forevergem Records): "Peenoise's promising status has once again been fulfilled." - (★★★★) Dansende Beren

Rooms to Dark Boats in the Night and Views in the Light (LP, 2022, Forevergem Records): "Ominous alt-pop with a silver lining. With their latest single Vacuum Minds, the Pinoy brothers continue to produce experimental and mysterious avant-pop that feels fresh and renewed." - Focus Knack. "It's crazy how the band once again not only takes its time, offering a playful nod to childhood, but also manages to push the boundaries between tension and relaxation." - Dansende Beren.




  • Gilles Vandecaveye Pinoy

    • 32
    • Gent (BE)

    Toetsen - Stem

  • Cesar De Sutter Pinoy

    • 27
    • Gent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Titus De Sutter Pinoy

    • 28
    • Gent (BE)


  • Karel Naessens

    • 28
    • Gent (BE)


  • Simon Raman

    • 31
    • Gent (BE)


  • Elias Devoldere

    • 33
    • Gent, België




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