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"Papilloon legt met Circles een episch debuutalbum voor." - Dansende Beren

Wim, Jan, Ben & Enrico teamed up as Papilloon in 2015. They all met while playing in different bands and happened to be studying in the same area in Leuven (Belgium). In 2017 drummer Ruben and second guitar player and back-vocalist Freya were introduced to the band. Putting their taste of music and unique ideas together created a new vigorous sound for the band.

Vocalist Wim seduces the audience with his warm voice and melodic saxophone sounds. Whether it is up tempo rock or a fragile ballad, he gives what you ask for. Escorted by powerful guitar riffs from guitarist Enrico van Cleemput and harmonic melodies from Freya Dasseville, the band brings energetic rock music. Mixed with tight beating drums, a sticky bass sound and harmonious keyboards, Papilloon brings a new style of electronically influenced rock music.

Their debut EP CIRCLES (2018) was released under own management and overall well received by the audience. Working on new and more mature music, they are ready for more. Be aware of Papilloon!

- Winnaar Wild in't Park Rockrally 2017 - Voorprogramma K's Choice en Admiral Freebee op Wild in't Park 2017

- Nieuwe EP in eigen beheer gereleased 25 november 2018.

- Geselecteerd voor Rocktopus Rock Rally 2019

- Finalist Interfacultaire Rockrally 2020

- Selectie Maanrockrally 2020


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