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Hyper-talented newbie O S K I – alias by Oscar Santos – is taking Belgium’s Hip hop scene by its throat. In less than half a year he managed to gather around a quarter million streams on Spotify, and it looks like this is only a fraction of what the future holds for O S K I.

Oscar started producing Dance music at the age of 9 and entered The Voice Kids on national TV in Belgium when he was 11. Although his EDM passion was quite a thing, in the beginning of 2019 his interest in Dance music started to fade away slowly, while a passion for Hip hop music started to grow. His greatest sources of inspiration are Odd Future founder ‘Tyler, The Creator’ and Kansas (US) based rapper ‘Aries’. These artists, along with Hip hop icons Childish Gambino and Kanye West, triggered him in starting making Hip hop music, what led to the release of his first single ‘Nutella’.

In September 2019 Oscar got selected for VI.BE’s Soundtrack competition after being tipped by one of Belgium’s most successful urban acts: blackwave. In October O S K I entered his first ever management collaboration with Bassick Music Group, and in November he got featured as #NRJNEXT – talent of the month - on radio NRJ in Flanders. Oscar finished the year with the release of ‘Ride or Die’, a sadboy song – like Oscar would call it - that got over 50.000 streams in its first two months.

The combination of his well-produced beats and his super-catchy lyrics makes people want to listen to his music on repeat. 2019 was a good one, let’s make 2020 even better!

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