Organised Chaos

Organised Chaos

5 goede vrienden die samen Heavy metal terug brengen!

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In 2011 Mathias and Bizon started a Band and were looking for a bass player and a singer. and at the same time Jeffrey and Lucas had a band and were looking for a drummer and a second guitar player.

On a cold decembernight in our local metal club , Negasonic, Lucas said: let's join each other we're exactly what you need and vise versa! And so we did! and we named the band Organised Chaos. In March 2012 we started rehearsing together and by 17th of november we had 6 songs ready for our first show which was 'Bizonfest 2012' held in the Negasonic which we played together with Suspected Concussion. We rehearsed some more, we played some more shows and then Lucas decided that singing and playing guitar was a bit difficult to do together and we decided to look for a Lead singer to join us. We All immediatly said: let's ask Jean whom we have know for quite a while. and he said "Yes" and in April of 2014 he joined us for rehearsals! And on the 22nd of august 2014 He played his first full show with us!

Only a month later in september we started Recording our EP called Hell in Paradise!




  • Jeffrey Van den Bossche

    • 30
    • Aalst (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Bizon

    • 30
    • Lede (BE)


  • Jonathan 'De Natten' Petit

    • 30
    • Aalst (BE)


  • Mathias Van den Bussche

    • 29
    • Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (BE)


  • Jean De Coster

    • 33
    • Erpe-Mere (BE)



  • Black out Bash

    Geraardsbergen (BE)

  • Satan + The Deep + Organised Chaos

    Dendermonde (BE)

  • metal night @ De verlichte geest

    Roeselare (BE)

  • johan/ines birthday @ oep 'n ander

    Aalst (BE)


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