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OC hails from Belgium and has created their own interpretation of metal with a front woman that will deliver you both clean and grunts....

The result is something really unique and catchy, but yet difficult to define and with a playful wink to industrial, gothic and fusion metal.

"After some line up changes we got our members together in 2019 when Wendy (vocals) and Wesley (drums) decided to join our forces." ~Luk Michels, Guitar player, October Changes~

Due to this final line-up change, Wesley (drums) brought along a new bass player, Sven.

With this new line-up OC started to develop its own unique style. Going from clean, catchy - yet - powerful songs to more brutal material.

At this point they released two singles (self published) called: Savior and Silent Screams.

Can you handle this? Then let’s get this metal party started!


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