nykolaes & Daniël Paul

nykolaes & Daniël Paul

nykolaes and Daniël Paul (Brussels), bring soft-spoken songs - so-called ‘neofolk’ - that combine guitar and electronic elements, sometimes autotuned, sometimes out of tune.

    • Nederlandstalig
    • Lo-fi
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Ambient
    • Hyperpop
    • Vlaamse Folk
    • Grunge
    • neofolk
    • Band
  • Vorst


nykolaes and Daniël Paul are both born and raised in the fields before moving to Brussels. Next to being collaborative artists they are roommates. With their ‘living’ songs - made in their ‘living’-room, as well as continuously changing and alive - they have found a new of way of capturing the emotional and pure.

They bring soft-spoken songs that combine guitar and electronic elements with a soft vocal performance, sometimes autotuned, sometimes out of tune.

A motivating force within this journey is the scatter-brained pace of the internet, with its twitching and breathing impulses which make you long for a simpler past far gone or perhaps ahead. As such these songs are ‘neofolk’, breaking the boundaries between the authentic and the contemporary, the visceral and the offbeat. Expect weird pop, upside-down folk, emotional texts in Dutch and English. Someone on a guitar crying. Lambs on a screen. Grass underneath your feet. Sun in your eyes.

Somewhere in between Meat Puppets and Meat Computer.



  • Nicolas Peeters

    • 22
    • Vorst, België

    Elektronica - Stem

  • Maurice Luijten

    • 22
    • Vorst, België

    Gitaar - Stem



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