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NINU (formerly Night Nules) is an Antwerp-based band led by Kristof De Clerck, who started messing around with an 8-track in 2014 under a starlit sky in the Spanish town of Nules. A deserted cabin on a rocky beach, an ominously choppy sea, stray dogs howling and barking in the distance are the backdrop for a stubborn type of indie rock. Entrancing music with a engaging atmosphere, for listeners with a knack for suaveness and hook-friendly allure.

These days, NINU operate as a trio, with Naomi Bentein (Lagüna) on bass and Erik Heestermans (Aksak Maboul, Judith Kiddo, Ignatz & de Stervende Honden) on drums.

’Suck It Up’, their 2015 double EP, displays a wide range of musical genres - from weird pop to mathy rock, from hip tunes to an almost-ballad: it’s all there, centered around quirky guitar riffing and a voice drenched in effects.

The 2018 EP ‘Other Girls’ - their first real band effort - shows them in a more mature form, stylistically cutting clear: one ballad, one groovy tune, and one rocker.

‘Three’ marks a turn towards simplicity. Apart from ‘Big Bird’ - resuscitated from a demo track - these songs share the same vibe: straight forward, no-nonsense. Maneuvering in the grey areas between indie rock and danceable pop, carried by a solid rhythm section and driven by wayward guitars and vocals - this music is out to make you nod your head. Lyrically, fatherhood and a life less confined are the underlying themes. An outlet for all (missed) opportunities, hopes and dreams.


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