Najam Hathor

Najam Hathor

    • Electro
    • Poprock
    • Pop
    • Solo
  • Brussel-Stad


Born and raised in Belgium, Najam Hathor represents a new generation of creative - director, producer, singer, model and writer. Najam Hathor is influenced by his heritage and uses music to create an audiovisual experience mixing fashion, music and art to embellish a unique sound and play with the different codes and gender rules and boundaries of music. He grew up with a versatile music baggage listening to artists like Fairouz, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones. At only 19, he launched his Soundcloud and Spotify platform, revealing his first compositions and leaving people hungry for more. Songs like "1965" and "Morning Sunrise" were his way of exploring art and taking control of his own narrative and career. As his singular style refined, he developed a vaste palette of styles while always keeping at the core of his music a sense of urgency and cinematography. Each song and record has a color of his own. Don't get fooled by his striking looks and universe, with records like "Late Night confessions" and "The Exaltation of The Beloved", Najam Hathor proves to his audience to be a strong force in the industry, treating every record with passion and determination. The son of a Franco-Algerian father and a Arab-Berber mother, is rooted in values and guided by singularity and a "rebel heart", seeking to make an impact in the music, film and modeling industry.




  • Najam Hathor

    • 24
    • Brussels (BE)




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