Arthur Petit, better known as MrPetit is a 23 y/o DJ & producer from Ghent. Played @ Versuz, OstendBeachFestival, IKON, Kokorico, overpoort,...

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MrPetit is a 23-year-old Dj from the beautiful city of Ghent (Belgium).

The story of MrPetit starts in 2012 when he saw the brother of one of his best friends mix at a small party. Since that day the young Arthur Petit said to himself he wanted to become a dj.

A few years later when he was 16 years old, that same old passion was still as big as before. So, his parents offered him some lessons at the dj-school in Ghent. That’s the moment where he fell in love with dj’ing.

After those lessons he bought himself a dj-controller on which he mastered a lot of technics to become the dj he is today.

After 3 years of constantly exercising, Arthur started to promote himself as “MrPetit”.

Since he started he got the opportunity to play on festivals such as: Ostend Beach; in some of Belgium’s finest clubs such as: Versuz, IKON ; and of course a lot of (private) parties.

He never sticks to one genre and tries to give the public what they want.


shared decks with




*dj Mattic

*tripple V


*Arthur Lewis

*Les Frules

*oliver more



  • Festivals

*Ostend Beach Festival 2019 w/Feathers Events (10 years anniversary)

*The Big Bounce 2019 (The Lake stage w/ Feathers Events & PapiChulo)

  • Clubs

* Versuz --> Feathers Events (Girls like dj’s)

* IKON --> (Antwerp)Feathers Events

*Yssiscafé Knokke

*Pi_Nuts (Overpoort)

*Point Final (overpoort)

*Yucca (Overpoort)

*Politika kaffee (leuven)

*’T Adtje (Leuven)

*The Place (Brugge)

  • Parties


*Summer remise 2018 (winnaar dj contest in ‘18)

*boeken open remise 2018


*Enigma --> Tinder TD 2019

/Commina --> Neon Party 2018

*Normalia --> winterwonderland TD 2018


*U MA 2019 (Deluxe)

*Bal étoile 2018

*Wazzzapi 2018/ ‘19

*Tropical Beats 2019

*Clawerz 2018


*Sorry mama TD


*winner Brainwashed B-day bash @Yssis Knokke

*winner dj-contest dies natalis FK Gent

*winner dj contest Final party 2018 (Enigma Brussels)

*finalist @dj contest ‘t festival 2018

*Jeugdhuis ‘t Arsenaal (Kortrijk)

*Jeugdhuis Schorpioen (Melle)

*club med La Palmyre

*bunch of private parties

*airplay on NRJ extravadance


as a producer

*Hands Up (around 14k plays on SoundCloud)

*I Want You (around 25k plays on SoundCloud/ around 5k plays on spotify )

*sensations (around 4,5k plays on Spotify)



  • Arthur Petit

    • 23
    • Gent (BE)




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