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A hybrid Pop concoction

MPLI's (Maé Pour Les Intimes) signature style resides in her soulful voice and a melting pot of inspirations such as pop, French chanson, folk and hip-hop. MPLI loves harmonizing and she is definitely fond of French language. When writing songs, she finds enjoyment in manipulating words and melodies. As a singer-songwriter, MPLI's music touches on personal matters that surround relationships, whether they are romantic ones, friendships or even professional relationships. "Hybrid pop" rightly describes the atmosphere that prevails in her eclectic work.


MPLI, whose real name is Maéva Fiston, is a singer-songwriter and performer and she grew up in the Belgian province of Hainaut. She is of Belgian, Rwandan and Guadeloupean descent and has been immersed in music since her early childhood. At age 6, she began learning music theory and she learned to play the transverse flute. At the same time, she took modern dance lessons and she quickly realized her penchant for performing on stage, on which she remained for ten years.

MPLI has always found refuge in writing as a way to exorcize her pains through words. As a teenager, she tried her hand at the guitar to accompany her vocals and musicalize her own lyrics.

In 2016, MPLI finally quit hiding and endeavored to participate in The Voice Belgium’s fifth season. She was first part of Quentin Mosimann's team until she got stolen by the Cats on Trees who supported her till reaching the quarterfinal. This adventure unexpectedly paved the way for her debut in television, as she became a year later the official face of OUFtivi, the youth channel of Belgian broadcaster RTBF.

In the next two years, a turning point was reached in MPLI's life as she worked tirelessly to simultaneously deal with her job as a TV host, study her master's degree and carry on with her musical activities. Among the various roles she took on, she sang backup for Belgian artist Leofiftyfive and accompanied him live on stage during his concerts.

The young artist is now about to release her first independent solo project. “Intimement vôtre” seeks to be authentic, vulnerable and assertive. As of now, MPLI may display her artistic vision and she dares you to enter her bubble to the sound of her warm voice ...


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