Their music is dead slow and heavy, sometimes razor fast but foremost persistent, as a long fully loaded freight train.

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Het Riffmonster uit de West-Vlaamse Polders.

We’re an instrumental stoner rock band from a small Belgian polder city: Oudenburg. We started in the fall of 2012 and played heavily in those first years before recording our first demo. Those three songs took us all over Belgium in the good company of bands like Briqueville, Tangled Horns and Fire Down Below. Now it's time for us to release our first concept album: “Oumuamua”.

Like an explorer from a distant galaxy, scanning our tiny blue planet, we sent out Oumuamua. Through its sound and music, it will leave a big permanent yawp to the dark of space and time. Its noise will be heard all over the intergalactic space. It will make you want to move - even dance. It might trick you into screaming along. It will make you wonder, perhaps trigger you into thinking about life and purpose itself. But it surely will make a lot of noise – like a big hell of a fuck you to the void.

New album out now on Polderrecords:

----------- REVIEWS ----------- "Het rockt, het is bijzonder groovy, het is heet en zwaar en het zweet. (...) Het klinkt als een trein die je met plezier over je heen laat denderen." - "Binnen de eerste minuten worden we getrakteerd op de eerste riffs die zo zwaar en vettig klinken dat we ze – alvorens naar de Weightwatchers te zenden – eerst moesten behandelen met Dethol. De volle zevenendertig minuten worden we aan een ijzelingwekkend tempo in een luidruchtig rondje om de aardas gelanceerd." - Dansende Beren ( "(...) this thing is heavier than that Chinese space station due to crash on Earth any day now." - 7th Level Music ( "Heavy on every front, the riffs take center stage and drag you along before you can lock in with the rest of the rhythms. It's that 'anti' thing that the Melvins are known for; suck you in first, freak you out second and then level the playing field by turning into something massive. It's big, bad and bold." - JK for Stonerhive ( "The follow up to a couple of previous Demos, 'Oumuamua' finds this trio transmitting some heavy vibes. Not quite full-on doom heavy but still, thick and dense, lumbering fuzz with defined desert rock overtones would describe things nicely." - Pat 'Riot' Whitaker - Riff Relevant (

“An excellent album that delivers on its conceptual promises finishes with a stoner-metal epic. The meat of the track getting the blood pumping…the bass is heavy enough to break bones. There is no sitting back & taking it easy for Motsus as it delivers one of the most expansive efforts so far. This is how you do heavy instrumental stoner-rock.“ - GBHBL (




  • Tom Maene

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    • Koekelare (BE)


  • Wouter Verhelst

    • 41
    • Oostende (BE)


  • Wouter Velle

    • 36
    • Gent (BE)




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