Manzi Mosssy is an artist (songwriter, producer and recording musician) who does different genre but mostly Rap, afro and R&b-soul.

    • Afrobeats
    • Hiphop
    • R&BSOUL
    • Solo
  • Leuven


Recording artist Mosssy is a storyteller, using his music to influence the out world. First ever single "Don't Call Me" came about July 16, 2022 since then he has been thriving to be on the spotlight. Mosssy (aka Manzi Mosssy) has been spotted on crowded events such as:- Wereld Feest, Burn festival, Rauw ,etc....He's Currently working on a dreamful Project "TLP" and consistently releasing singles. As for now he's already dropped seven singles out.

Mosssy was born Manzi Moise in Bunia area of East DRCongo in 2004, later moving to Rwanda and currently in Belgium. Growing he was around the African music culture which inspired him to burrow more into art mostly music, causing him to find mental health and purpose in life.


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