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Mirias is a Belgian solo artist based close to Antwerp. She is a singer and pianist, who also plays the bass guitar occasionally. As Mirias, she makes dreamy indie rock. For her songs, she draws inspiration from myth and legend, creating alternative music that aims to briefly transport the listener to another world.

Praise for Mirias

  • "Mirias is slowly turning people’s heads. Using melancholic lyricism over haunting melodies, the songstress can hypnotise you with her music. (...) It is impossible (...) to compare the sound as Mirias is entirely original. (...) A truly enchanting track with an ethereal ambience." - The Other Side Reviews
  • "A warm, sensual and mysterious vocal timbre, a unique and immediately recognizable voice that distinguishes the general sound of this artist." - Edgar Allan Poets
  • "A talented artist [whose] strong character is felt in this song" - Indie Dock Music Blog
  • "Dreamy, bittersweet indie rock (...). A song of hope, beautifully performed musically and vocally." - Luminous Dash
  • "As with her debut single, this song has a melancholic undertone stemming from the dark in Mirias' voice. (...) Clever, warm, dreamy musical arrangements (...) and Mirias' voice grabs hold of you. (...) A talent to watch." - Luminous Dash




  • Mirias

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    • Antwerp (BE)

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