Mini Maal

Mini Maal

Analog power

    • House
    • Techno
    • Producer
    • DJ
    • Solo
  • Antwerpen-Stad


One Sequencer, one piano, two synths... Mini Maal delivers a back to basic analog live set packed with emotion.

Since 2018 his DAWless setup is the starting point for the exploration of a well balanced mix between house, electro, and breakbeat infused with jazz breaks.

This was quickly noticed by a couple of well known festivals such as Absolutely Free Festival, Genk On Stage and Lustgarten.

After this first succesful year he recorded a Livestream with Sinners Techno Lab and was booked at his biggest festival so far, City Of Dance (NL) for which he has been invited again in 2022.

In December 2021 he was voted "DJ of the Year" by Gigstarter after an exciting online finale with artists from several European countries.

"Een sequencer, een piano, twee synths... dat is het enige wat Mini Maal nodig heeft. Zijn back to basic aanpak is verfrissend, minimaal en bovenal live!" - Gigstarter




  • Nick Kerkhofs

    • 34
    • Antwerpen (BE)

    Andere - Live electronic performer



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