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A Belgian indie folkrock group overflowing with the band’s passion for travel and love. Midnight Runaway is the new musical project of Chris Loan (Suikerrock 2018, Finalist The Voice 2019) and Simon VC.

After meeting way back through mutual friends and a shared love of acoustic music, the boys began performing many shows together (MNM, Suikerrock, Kaffee van Antwerpen, ..) with no real expectations for where it might lead ..

As of last summer 3 other awesome lads completed the band; Willem (Keys), Nicolas (Bass) and Arnaud (Drums).

Currently hard at work writing songs for their debut EP.

Selected for:

** Voorprogramma IBE Warmste Week 2019 **

** Pulptuur 2020 **

** Folkpodium HISTORISCH VEURNE 2020 **


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