Memo Pimiento electric orchestra

Memo Pimiento electric orchestra

The cadence of cumbia with electro punch

    • Electronic
    • Traditioneel
    • Synth Cumbia
    • Producer
    • Solo
    • Band
  • Vorst


MEMO: Mexican musician and producer

launches melodies

arabic and gypsy scales

acid psychedelic sounds

came out of his synths on

Latin rhythmic bases

will make you

automatically dance.

And its pepper:

MANON: contagious and frenetic.

The master vibe. MC that electrifies.

Rebooting Latino sounds, Cumbia, Reggaeton,

Tribal, Drum & Bass.


The members of Memo Pimiento, Memo (mexican music producer) and Manon (belgian

photographer) met in the mexican beach Chacahua on 2006. Since then they formed a couple and

diferent music projects together. Memo producing and playing instruments and Manon singing and

creating visuals, all of this living between Mexico and Belgium. Performing shows in venues and

festivals in diferent countries, auto producing their music, press photos and clip videos.

It was on 2011 performing in Oaxaca, where they met two curators from Kulturkosmos, the

organizers of the Fusion Festival in Germany. The two germans felt in love with the energy of the duo

on stage, and invited them to perform on Fusion Fest 2012. The couple embarqued with their

daugther, instruments and dreams to Germany.

To perform on the festival was a point of no return experience for the couple and they decided to

change their residence from Mexico to Europe staying in Brussels, the Manon's born city, where

Memo found a second home fascinated with his meeting with different cultures and joining very fast

with some local bands. It was when the couple decided to introduce electro-cumbia from latin

América to Europe via Brussels, founding Memo Pimiento on 2016.

Memo Pimiento began to build a fan base on wild dancing parties, bringing the warm and latin energy

to electronic dance floors, punk venues, ragga squats, and every place open to listen this new musical

fusion. Their public is diverse like the population in Brussels. Not just latinos but also europeans,

africans, arabs... This psychedelic cocktail can seduce any ethnic group.

Since then, it has been performed around 150 concerts across Europe from Paris to Barcelona, from

Amsterdam, where his booker EBB Music resides, to Chipre... Memo Pimiento as duo or trio band

(joined by the cuban percussionist Victor Hugo Daudinot) has performed in Netherlands at the Psy-Fi

Festival, Houtfestival, or Oerol Festival for example. In Cyprus as the main act on Xarkis Festival. In

Barcelona as the main act at the Festival Que no cumbia el pánico. In Portugal BOOM Festival one of

the most important festivals of electronic music in Europe, and others on countries like in Germany,

Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, and especially backing in Mexico, where they have done three tours of

around fifteen dates each winter, taking the locomotive in the Latin continent.

Memo Pimiento has shared stage with artists such as Meridian Brothers (COL) Golden Dawn Arkestra

(USA) La Dame Blanche (CUB) Sonido Gallo Negro (MEX) Trans- X (CAN) Anarkia Tropikal (CHIL) Ghetto

Kumbé (COL) Acid Arab (FRA) Rafael Aragon (FRA) Kumbia Boruka (FRA) Branko (PT) among others.


In 2018 Memo Pimiento released they first album under the Belgian label Rebel Up! Records named A

Todo Dar, in black vinyl format with distribution throughout Europe and Mexico. This is an album were

Memo Pimiento combines cumbia sonidera, villera and chicha with analog electro sounds with a

psychodelic hint. Most of the tracks are instrumental, with some voices signed by Manon and their

daughter of 6 years old at that moment. Those happy sings and shouts are reminiscent of the joyful

traditional Mexican parties.

In 2020 the duo released the EP Chin! with the label Folcore Records from Barcelona. In this new album

Manon's singing is impregnated with avant-garde vocoder and auto-tune updating the cumbia

panorama. The multicultural influences that Memo encountered in Brussels, both Middle Eastern and

African, are most evident in this EP with its characteristic acid sound.

In 2022 Memo Pimiento launched a new Instrumental EP vinyl splatter edition thinked for children,

making versions of european classic and popular music on electro cumbia versions named Classe-Hic.

Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and the greek weiding theme Misirlou, on pineapple and coconut flavors.

By 2023 Memo Pimiento will release their fourth album named Hybrid Gun. It's the most ambitious

Memo Pimiento's album in artistic and commercial terms. Because it combines not only the genres of

cumbia and electronica, it also makes use of other current rhythms such as reggaeton, salsa, polka,

with elements of pop, trap, noise rock among others.

To launch this album, Memo Pimiento will release the first single with a video clip on June. In

September a second single with a videoclip too. In November they will release a third single

illustrated by 3 short live motion and animation videos. To finally give the full album to the public in

December, just to accompany the end of the year 2023 parties.




  • Memo Pimiento

    • Bruxelles (BE)

    Elektronica - Stem

  • Manon Amen

    • Bruxelles (BE)

    Stem - Performer

  • Victor Hugo

    • Brussels (BE)




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