MAXIME tuimelt 2023 in met haar reeks ONE TRACK A DAY waar ze voor een volledige week, elke dag een liedje maakt met beats gevonden op Soundcloud of YouTube.

    • Soul
    • Trip-Hop
    • Neo-soul
    • Trap
    • Lo-fi
    • Boom Bap
    • Hiphop
    • R&B
    • Solo
  • Sint-Jans-Molenbeek


Maxime, a shining star who's been on stage since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, is not new to the scene. After studying theater, film, and fashion, modelling for an agency and singing at television since the age of 11, she decided to pursue her passion for music.

Teaming up with beatmakers and producers such as Dezaulait, Tusais, and Chipeur, she creates soulful tracks that can only be described as "Bedroom Music."

Sensuality, love and that one popular bedroom sport are the main topics in her lyrics, it might be explicit from time to time but don't we need some female empowerment in 2023? Exactly.

Maxime likes to call herself a Soundcloud Artist because she despises the pressure that's put on young artists these days to deliver a polished product to streaming platforms like Deezer or Spotify. For her, it's all about the flow, baby. A Maxime concert will leave you in awe of the voice that comes out of that little body, and makes you want to text your ex "wyd 2nite?" afterwards .

Don't say you haven't been warned!




  • Maxime

    • 30
    • Brussels (BE)

    Stem - Lyrics



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