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Marta Rosa is a band and solo project of Marta del Grandi, Italian singer and songwriter living in Gent.

Marta grows up in Italy and moves to Belgium in 2012. She graduates in Jazz Vocals at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in 2015.

In school she meets bass player Nils Vermeulen and together they start working on her songs, inviting guitarist Artan Buleshkaj and drummer Simon Raman to join the band.

Marta lives half a year in Nepal in 2014 and half a year in China in 2015, teaching and playing music, and collaborating with local artists.

The debut album of the band 'Invertebrates', was released on 30/03/2016. The album is recorded, mixed and produced by Pier Ballarin. The songs, written in two years of life in different places in the world, talk about how the world outside meets the world inside, with different characters and scenarios. In this album many different influences come together, from traditional to modern, from melodic singer-songwriters to alternative rock and electric sounds.

In March 2017 the single 'Cradle Song' is released, which anticipates a second album of the band.

In summer 2016 Marta starts to perform as a solo act as well, using a TC Helicon Voicelive, a Microkorg synth and toy instruments. She shoots a few live sessions of this performance as she's currently recording new material.


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