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Who? Come again?

This new Belgian duo exists out of two solo-vocalists, with on the one side Magz with her fine soulfull singing and on the other side MC Equal with his lyrics trough rap.

How did it all start?

They met once before in a pub on one of those good weekendnights after Equal approached her, called her sexy, and started talking, she was flattered, not knowing about eachother's intrests in music yet. They talked to eachother for 5 minutes and both went their own way in life. They never spoke to or saw eachother again after that night....(For the record they did not have s** You sleezy bas*ardz)

Chapter 3?

Couple of years later, they met again (yes people) as they became coworkers (sorry people) at the local supermarket in Gullegem. After some conversations the passion of both sides for music came up and so this resulted in a first writingsession together at "Equal's homestudio".


Yes, we hear you. It was truely amazing. The vibe and connection was instantly there and this ultimately evolved in their first EP called "In the blink of an eye" (BIG-ASS-WIP). With on the productions local producers Tokalah and Finez.

Inspiration? Or clichés?

Here it comes, hopefully you're sitting down cause they tell you their own story based on their own daily emotions (Yeah, no one saw that coming). They don't know it yet but they're busy writing their own memoires and biography.

Wait, where did all this happen?

All tracks were produced, written, mixed and mastered in the West-Flemish part of Belgium.

And where can I find more info and music?

Now that's so 2021, so so easy! Just go and subscribe to the following links : WIP

* bookings - magz.mcequal@gmail.com

* youtube - ...

* spotify - ...

* instagram - ...

#magz&mcequal #magz #mcequal #blinkofaneye #music #life


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