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Doom and other old school metal influences form the base of Loose Licenses music throughout the years. Formed in 2010 by Markie (guitars), Mille (drums) and Brocki (vocals) the band started as a couple of friends playing, as so many other bands birth, "just for fun" in their local motorclub called "'t Los Plak". The English translation of that Clubs name "Loose License" gives them a justly stoner feel until today.

At the end of 2011 the band was completed by Pietn "Dien Adolf Skullgrinder" who had been playing bass with Mille for over 10 years in the '80s and '90s in bands like Columbarium and Arachnophobia (with members of Anesthesy).

In 2012 Loose License released their first 3-track demo-CD with the songs " Alone", "Black Mountain" and "Forest of Doom" and started playing live gigs with bands like King Hiss and others. The genre was set and they called it - with a laugh - "Stoomer", intended to be a crossing between "Doom" and "Stoner" metal, influenced mainly by bands like Black Sabbath (who else ?), Sleep, Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Krux, Black Pyramid, Shrinebuilder, Egypt, Electric Wizard etc ...

In 2014 a special song was released "4 Years of Death", totally in memory of the Great War 1, in all honor and respect for the fallen, accompanied by a 1st videoclip on YouTube . It was the title track of a 1st full length album that was released in May 2015.

Short after that release Loose License decided to move on as a 3-piece, with Pietn on vocals and bass. The guitars were tuned lower and by April 2016 a new videoclip "Inferno" announced a new era for the band. Since then the band has been welcomed in much music Clubs and venues. In 2017 Loose License released a new videosingle "The Utopian Journey" which is showing the more soft spot of the band.

In August 2017 the line-up was completed with a 2nd guitar player, Koen Biesbrouck, that's also known from the instrumental avant-garde band Locus Control. He also adds in some keys for extra joy and pleasure !

In October 2018 a new videosingle was launched 'The Coronation Of The Lizard', this can be seen as a turning point for the band. The video was produced by Videohouse ZWIK and they filmed on 4 different locations. It took 8 months in total to finish this work. Amongst other great comments this videoclip was called one of the five most intriguing/nice videoclips by Belgian bands by Dutch well-known Rockportaal.nl. Also a special, unique cinema-edit of this film was shown in avant-première in a real cinemahall of the Buda Arts Centre cinescope in Kortrijk (B) on the 26th of October to introduce the videoclip to press, media, friends and fans. At the same time a new demo-cd 'The Coronation Of The Lizard' was released with the title track, 'The Utopian Journey' and 'Inferno' which had not been released on cd before. On Armistice day on the 11th of November 2018 Loose License released a remixed version and new video of the '4 Years Of Death' song to honor the end of the Great War exactly 100 years ago. This version replaced the vocals by Pietn, added acoustic guitars and keys by Koen and has been remixed & remastered. The song has also been added to the digital version of the 'The Coronation Of The Lizard'-EP available through the bands Bandcamp account and is now counting over 30 minutes of new mu-sick.

Now, 2nd half of 2019, Loose License is writing stuff for a full album to be recorded in 2020 with release somewhere in Q4 2020. Prepare!

Catch them on one of their gigs, give 'em a beer and have a chat with them, you just might like the dudes.


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