Locus Control

Locus Control

Instru-METAL collective driving on furious riffs, mystic rhythms and bassleads. Exploring all corners of metal, stoner, prog and post

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    • Progressive Rock
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Throw concrete guitarriffs with a twist and wicked rhythms in a melting pot and stir it up with dysharmonic melodies and you will get an impression where Locus Control’s sound originates from.

This instru-METAL collective originates from different places in West-Flandres, for years home soil for some of the best Belgium has to offer in the heavy department. Founded way back in 2006, the band has been growing steadily doing things DIY. While the first EP was dipped in stoner associated riffs, the sound has been continuously evolving, exploring all boundaries of metal, prog and stoner. Hang tight for 10 minute songs drifting through a myriad of emotions.

“... Locus Control seems to write effortlesly an instrumental album that keeps you locked in from beginning to end. This is partially due to the superb playing and the variety offered. Irresistible instrumental violence!” (Aardschok, review Attavita 2013)

With two albums up their sleeve (Attavita °2013, Liggur °2017), each praised with multiple excellent reviews and supported live with energetic rockshows, the band is not resting on their laurels. Diving deep in new ideas, the band is getting ready for round three.

“…six instrumentals, offering 45 minutes of progressive rock, stonermetal and even a hint of thrash, that could easily be heard on a Metallica album…Despite the long duration of the songs, the compositions keep drawing your attention. Add a superb, crystal clear production and noone can withstand this band.” (Rocktribune, review Liggur 2017)

Strap in and embrace for impact!




  • Koen Biesbrouck

    • 58
    • Anzegem (BE)


  • Stefaan Bonte

    • 50
    • Brugge (BE)


  • Babak Mohammad

    • 43
    • Brugge (BE)


  • Kevin Werbrouck

    • 45
    • Izegem (BE)



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