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Lethal Injury is a Belgian metal band that was founded in January 2015 by Josha Pylyser, Dennis Wyffels, Kevin 'Rambo' Van Eeckhoutte, Jonjo Hardy and Nicolas Cottrell.

Belgium, Year 2015. A band called Lethal injury was forged in the harbor of Ostend Bay. With one purpose and one purpose only, Thrash and bring Metal in a ferocious and devastating agressive way. with success and only with a 4 song demo they managed to play lot's of shows, sharing bills with LEGION OF THE DAMNED, CRISIX, ANGELUS APATRIDA, also landing support slot's for bands such as HIRAX, GRUESOME, INSANITY ALERT, NERVOSA and played as direct support for the mighty ANTHRAX. and this all before the 1st full length album came out in 2018! In between all of this we had ARTHUR LOOBUYCK joining on drums. Giving the band a new inspiration and drive.

In 2018 “MELANCHOLIA” was released on "Wormhole Death records" with a sold out show! Many shows followed. in 2019 they went on a small UK tour with shows all the way up to Scotland. Things where looking even better for the summer of 2020 with a couple of bigger well known festivals booked all over Europe... Then we all know what happend. The Earth stood still.

it caused a few bumps and challenges which led to Rambo departing on vocal duty and IVO CARDON joining after a couple of rounds in auditioning.

Enough talking new songs are ready! and we are ready to destroy once again!



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