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Lethal Injury is a Belgian metal band that was founded in January 2015 by Josha Pylyser, Dennis Wyffels, Kevin 'Rambo' Van Eeckhoutte, Jonjo Hardy and Nicolas Cottrell.

In June 2015 we released a demo with 4 tracks of pure, rough old school thrash. After a successful release we have been able to play a lot of cool shows and we had the honor to share the stage with big names like, Anthrax, Hirax, Nervosa, Them, Insanity alert and Legion Of The Damned. all of this just in our first year. After a few changes 'Arthur Loobuyck' came behind the drums. This also brought new life to our band and we were more than ever motivated.

With the release of our 1st full length debut album entitled 'Melancholia' (a modern mix of Straight forward Thrash, Death, Black and Pantera like breaks) Back in 2018. We managed to have a couple of offers on the table and went with ‘Wormhole Death’ to distribute and release this album. The release from Melancholia was a succes and gave us a lot of gigs in the next 2 years which made writing a struggle. Once we started writing again and released one single “The Omen” The pandemic came along and everything came to a hold; music, festivals, rehearsal even life came to a hold. Which was the perfect time to rethink the band and wright new music. This resulted in a decision that wasn’t easy but had to be made. We had to part ways with our singer and Co founder Rambo. We had auditions with people. the respons was way more than we anticipated. So who’s the new singer now soon to be revealed.


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