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KORINTHIANS is a post-wave quartet from Ghent (BE). The mighty Dave Cantrell called it “a synth-drunk, propulsive slice of New (non)-Romantic darkwave.” KORINTHIANS blend 90s anger with 80s melancholy, guitar reverb with electronic-sounding synths and samples.

After the Olympus EP [2016] and the AWWW 7" [2017] the album Chaos Control was released in December 2019.

The band is inspired by the sound of Mogwai’s Rave Tapes, New Order, Flavien Berger, Goose, Grand Blanc, The Soft Moon, Ash Code and Boytronic.

Dave Cantrell, Stereo Embers Magazine: “Full of portent and scathing commentary regarding our sorry modern-day obsession with a sort of rebellious social conformity, “A Way With Words” simply eviscerates the current hipster dynamic that tends to double as ‘coolness,’ as ‘chic,’ as, in fact, ‘presence.’ As ultimately occurs to its participants, it’s not any of that, but instead fleeting moments of false connection. Watch (and listen to) this intensely, or stare away blithely into your phone, the effect is the same: alienation in a modern, Millennial context. Enjoy it while you can, we say, we’re all doomed in our dark melodic way.”

Enola Magazine: “Korinthians offer variation and a certain ether- sensitivity without losing their identity or without filing off the edges of their sound. On the radio and in clubs with this and quickly!”

Dark Entries: “Their music can be called post-punk, but the references here are manifestly not Joy Division or The Sound. Search rather for Boytronic, of which they play a cover in their live-set. The sound is clear and intense due to the electronic touch. The ominous voice of singer Mattias De Backer reminds of the more recent work of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat.”


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