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Koala Disco is a project from bedroom artist Niels Tuijaerts. Through dealing with mental decay due to ongoing lockdowns, he found the process of making music to be very therapeutic and soothing for the soul. His hectic bi-polar personality is palpable through his sound, with psychedelic concepts serving as the backbone of most of the tracks. The packaging of said tracks changes as quickly as his mood does, with sounds ranging from contemporary Post-Punk, to elusive 80s New Wave electronica, while still leaving some room for surfy Garage Rock jams and melancholic Dream Pop trances. The result is a rich and eclectic sound with loads of dynamic movement. Somewhat similar to a nice shroom trip.

Recent accomplishments:

- Publieksprijs Sound Track Limburg 2021

- Voorronde Humo’s Rock Rally 2022

- Artist of the Week Proximus Pickx


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