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Koala Disco is a bedroom recording project from Niels Tuijaerts. Long story short: minor producing efforts versus ambitious songwriting.

Supported live by his friends, they bring a fresh mix of pupil-dilating Psychedelic Rock and manic Post-Punk, often with a progressive approach whilst drawing tons of influence from contemporary Kraut. An eclectic and dynamic sound that makes for an explosive and energetic live experience that’ll make you wanna throw yourself around the room.

At the end of 2021 they were voted winners by the audience at the finals of Sound Track in the Muziekodroom in Hasselt. They were also allowed to participate in the first round of Humo’s Rock Rally 2022. Also, they were selected for ‘Trap Het AFF!’ Lastly, they’ve already enjoyed praise from Proximus by being labeled ‘artist of the week’.

They have already released two EP’s. ‘Koalala Discoco’ in 2021 and ‘Ego Death Planet’ in 2022. At the moment, Niels is working hard on their debutalbum that’ll be released early 2023, so be on the lookout!


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