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KÏNG is infamous for his numerous allnighters & graveyard shifts around the city of Leuven. Always searching for unknown belters hidden deep in the inexpugnable underworld of rave culture, he resurfaces with the weapons needed for entertaining the hellbent beings of the night. When joining him, your anxiety induced by the fear of dawn will succumb and you'll be reluctant, yet satisfied to go home.

Shared decks with 999999999, Altinbas, Anders Hellberg, Border One, Danilo Incorvaia, DJ IBON, Dyad, Farrago, Ghost in the Machine, Głós, Hypnoskull, ILLNURSE, Introversion, Jacid0rex, JUDAΣ, K Ø Z L Ø V, Kujo, Moving Thoughts, Phara, Setaoc Mass, SPFDJ, Stephanie Sykes, Subjected, Taro Division, Tim Tama, Wallis etc.

Bookings & info: kingmuziek@hotmail.com

Next to dj’ing KÏNG’s also passionately involved in organizing the renowned concept Trauma by Comfort Zone. He’s the curator in charge of selecting and arranging the artists.


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