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Management - hanne@musickness.be / ilka@musickness.be

Label & Press - elise.platteau@v2benelux.com

Bookings BE - bjorn@busker.be

Bookings NL - r.euser@mojo.nl


Lyrics collected from personal diaries, guitar chords composed in bedrooms, songs that have been bottling up for years. Amber and Marie never dared to share their music up until the age of 19 and 21, when Kids With Buns stepped out of their rooms onto the stage.

Kids With Buns is a bedroom indie pop project, pushing the boundaries musically and thematically. Digging deep into their psyche and personal experiences, the young artists meticulously transform their honest feelings into music. Where their two minds collide, their music takes shape. A melancholic microuniverse takes shape when their pure yet distinctive guitars merge together with the androgynous voice of Marie and the silky tones of Amber.

In 2020 Kids With Buns released their first track and immediately became the face of the yearly campaign of 1712, the Belgian violence helpline, with their synonymously titled song touching upon sexual intimidation.

After winning De Nieuwe Lichting 2021, (prestigious popmusic contest organised by Studio Brussel) their single “bad grades” hit number one in Studio Brussel’s De Afrekening and amassed over one million streams worldwide. Live, Kids With Buns translates their music in a disarming way and has, so far, captivated audiences in Belgium and The Netherlands (Lokerse Feesten, OLT Rivierenhof…)


Winner De Nieuwe Lichting 2021 (Stubru)

NRJ NEXT (februari 2021)

#1 in De Afrekening (3 weeks)

2.8 mln streams on Spotify in 2021

Catch of the day (Stubru) (she, untitled, waiting room)

Press coverage in Humo, De Standaard, Metro, Gazet van Antwerpen, Knack Focus (cover feb '21), e.a.


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