Key Controversy

Key Controversy

Key Controversy Rapper from Hertsberge, Oostkamp "Tom needs to make it in music, he has no other option if he wants to put his mind to rest."

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April 2018, that was the time that the then 20-year-old Tom decided to release his first tracks under the name of Key Controversy. The reason he did that can be found in his childhood habits.

Four years on the bus to school, that's what it took for Tom to discover a passion for hip hop and music in general. A phone filled with songs of Eminem and later on Machine Gun Kelly made the bus trips more enjoyable. Inspired by these two artists and a push in the back from the right people, Tom - Key Controversy - said F it and started taking rap seriously.

2018, 2019 & 2020 included the release of a debut 'The Key Controversy Tape', a first mixtape 'Ear Issues', another mixtape split up in three parts 'Talk To Me', 'Evening Tears' & 'I Quit' and closing it up with 3 more singles. This period of time was all about searching for his own sound, looking what fitted well, trying new genres, discovering the power of being real etc. It were tracks like 'Key Controversy', 'Supermodel', 'Bad School?', 'Belgium', 'Retarded' & 'Can U' that made it clear that Tom aka Key Controversy was here to stay.

As a result of these couple of years, Key's sound was found: Every track is 100% true-to-life based on his own personal experiences in life. No bending of lyrics to avoid telling details, but just telling what just happened in life.

So that's what he did in 2021. He started dropping single after single fully filled with what was on his mind at the moment. He shared his thoughts & stories on different subjects like how he chose a completely wrong path in life ('Four Years'), how he struggles keeping his tears from leaking out of his eyes all the time ('Holding Tears'), how he messed up big with his crush ('She My Fantasy') or even how he conquered his fear of getting on an airplane ('Catch A Plane'). One thing was for sure: what he said was real. Probably because he has no other place to go with his thoughts than milking it into his music.

This years 2022 started off slow but is now in full effect. Tom realised he needs more hype material to be put on big stages like festivals and parties. So he decided to fully focus on hard trap beats that everyone loves nowadays. By putting a pause on the emotional type of storytelling vibes he did in 2021 and before, he started to reach a new audience. The tracks became harder and bigger but the content sticked to the plan: 100% true-to-life. In 'Famous Women' he shares how he constantly falls in love with crazy famous women and in 'Let Me In' he shows his frustration on how the media doesn't notice what he's doing in music.

So far, all this led to airplay at Radio Willy & MNM, tens of live shows, a victory at Locals Rap Contest Bruges 2019 (public & jury prize), a selection for the Humo's Rock Rally 2020 and a 8 million combined views on TikToks using his songs.

"Tom needs to make it in music, he has no other option if he wants to put his mind to rest."

"Tom lives the story of life, Key Controversy narrates that story." -Made in Belgium +32

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  • Tom Desmet

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