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Hailing from Limburg Belgium, Jungleproof blends fast punkrock and ska to create extremely danceable tunes: Think Less Than Jake, but more furious. Think NOFX, but more horns.

After releasing their first EP "Make Up Your Mind" in 2015, they have gained the attention of punkrock booking agencies in and outside of Belgium, New Cross Inn, London being the highlight. They’ve had the honor to share the stage with bands like Popes Of Chillitown, PO BOX, JB conspiracy, Big D and the Kids Table, Roughneck Riot, Ghouls, Plush Fish and many more

The first long awaited full album - "Dance the night away" - sees the light in October 2017. While working on the support tour for Matamoska in early 2018, no dancing shoe will be safe from this harddrug of a punkband.

“The Belgium ska punk scene is apparently very strong” – colinspunkrockworld.blogspot.co.uk

“Blown away” – Het Belang van Limburg

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