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Joni Sheila is a half-Filipino, half-Belgian singer-songwriter and street performer who grew up in Ghent, Belgium. She was named after Joni Mitchell.

She taught herself to play the guitar and to sing. After competing in several music competitions Joni released her debut album "Change" in 2014 which was fully funded with crowdfunding. In 2015 Joni was invited to Vienna, Austria to give a TEDx talk about her experiences as a street performer. She was also crowned the best street performer of Belgium and the Netherlands. (“Kampioenschap der Straatmuzikanten” and “De Gouden Pet”)

That same year Joni was invited to be on a dutch documentary called Hessels Herberg where the host Hessel looks for the best street musicians of the Netherlands. An entire episode was dedicated to Joni where she talks about her music and her life. The show aired on national Dutch television (NPO2).

In November 2016 Joni went on tour around Australia. She found a new home in Melbourne where she became a reputable street performer. She also won the Time Out Melbourne "Battle of the Busker 2017".

When she returned to Belgium she launched another crowdfunding campaign to release her EP "Acoustic Sessions II". The EP contains songs inspired by her Australian adventure.

Joni continues to write songs and plays for those who want to listen. That was until a pandemic hit the planet. Being unable to perform on stage and in the streets due to restrictions, and the entire world fighting for change, Joni has started writing songs in a different way. She hopes to share them with you very soon.

“Got some change?”

Join the Patreon family on www.patreon.com/jonisheila


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