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‘Monnift I’ came out in 2017. Five acoustic guitar solos built up to closing track 'Eindstrijd', a duet with violin. The album was well received and played by Radio Klara and the American guitar magazine Fingerstyle Guitar Journal wrote: ‘Jonas is one the few modern fingerstyle guitarists we really like. This is what makes the difference.’

On the new album 'Monnift II' (2018), the solitary guitar playing takes a step aside. There is more focus on interaction and the search for composition. The violin has a more prominent role, supported by occasional brass.

In earlier years Jonas recorded five well-received albums with the instrumental quartet Codasync. He also wrote music for short films, including the award-winning debut 'Broeders' by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. He has played on various Belgian stages, amongst others as support act for Ryley Walker.


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