Joël Francis

Joël Francis

Let the music speak for itself.

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Joël Francis, new artist on the block Is here to step up her game Together with her producer Shunin, she is submitting her first single ever, named: Get high. A project, very close to her heart.Not only because it’s her first single but also because this song and the process behind it represents the progress she’s made in her musical journey so far.Joël Francis is a 22-year-old artist living in Brugge and studying Drama at the Luca School of Arts in Leuven.

To be part of something bigger, greater is something she was longing for for as long she can remember. And that’s what music represents for her. The feeling of coming home but at the same time belonging somewhere that even transcends yourself. She started writing poetry and lyrics at the age of 13. And has never stopped since. Music had always been a part of her life first through the gospel and later through soul, jazz RnB and pop. Artists like Snoh Aalegra, Sza, Victoria Monet, HER and Jazmine Sullivan ( just to name a few), are a very big source of inspiration for Joël Francis. She admires these artists so much because their music is able to speak with her straight from the heart. That’s what she wants for her music too. To be right from her heart directly to the person listening to her music. So that, even if it’s just one person, they can also feel like they’re part of something This is definitely not the last you’ll hear of Joël Francis, for her journey has just begun.

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  • Joël Francis

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