JEPP - Brussels based queer artist making Electropop with Techno/House-influenced beats and melancholic Pop/R&B melodies.

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JEPP is a Brussels based queer Electropop artist.

"I love clubbing and dancing, but I also have a bit of a nostalgic-philosophical side to how I see life."

JEPP's music reflects this in its clubby base mixed with a melancholic darker side to it, influenced by different genres like House, R&B, Techno, SouI and Funk.

"I love to play with different emotions in lyrics but also in the music production since I believe that we don’t live in one mood at a time but we can experience different emotions at the same time that even are opposites sometimes."

JEPP creates his own world in his videos and live performances. Fashion and visual arts are strongly connected with his music. "I focus a lot on the collaboration between different arts. Sometimes a new song even starts with a visual idea that popped up in my head and I build the song around it."

"The queer nature of it is therefore super important to me since I want the the project JEPP to represent me as much as possible and since I truly believe that the Pop scene is a beautiful world for queer culture to be portrayed in."

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  • Jasper Publie

    • 26
    • Brussels (BE)

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