Jens Pauwels aka Jennisan, is the 22 year old singer-songwriter who brings moving electro-pop full of funk and emotion, together with his passionate band/team.

    • Singer-songwriter
    • Pop
    • Band


When you enter the world of Jennisan, you will discover moving electro-pop full of funk and emotion. With his smooth, though, gripping vocals he takes you to this world which also contains r&b beats, soothing melodies and more classical arrangements, in other words: Jennisan can take you to any place you want. He writes and produces his music by himself, with some help from his good friend and producer Bardos (who works with artists like Vincent-Lawrence).

All in all, Jennisan will bring you musicality in a form of sincerity and authenticity with his self-written and produced music, while still giving you a sense of comfort and making you dance in the meanwhile.



  • Jens Pauwels

    • 25
    • Bonheiden (BE)

    Toetsen - Stem


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