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Debut EP 'Strings of Gold' out now on Unday Records

Once in a while you come across a moment where the stars align and everything seems to fall into place. That’s exactly what happened two years back on I will, I swear’s debut single Long Days. It was the very first encounter between Jonathan Van Landeghem and Fien Deman, and the duo left an impression that lasted. Two years after its release, their first single keeps moving people every day.

Meanwhile, the duo transforms into a seven piece live band. Backed up by drums, guitars and a string trio, they record a new single. Mess is released in early 2014 and continues where Long Days / Sleep ended. The band starts playing live shows and national radio Studio Brussel picks them as winner of ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’, their acclaimed annual talent hunt.

The five tracks on Strings of Gold are the work of a versatile band, one that has found its signature sound and style. Their delicately layered orchestral pop songs are full of melancholy, but also more vigourous than ever. First single Fractures may serve as living proof.

The band also gives a lot of weight to their visual identity and to the atmosphere that surrounds their music, as becomes clear when looking at the video for Fractures and the EP artwork. The sleeve is done by Fien's sister Flore and guitarist Pieter Beulque is the band's graphic designer.

The EP is now available on iTunes and on vinyl.

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Knack Weekend // Elle België // Vogue Mexico //De Standaard // Het Nieuwsblad // Belmodo.tv // Indiestyle // Poppunt magazine // Bill (CJP) // Cutting Edge // Invisible Children // daMusic // Acid Stag De Standaard (2) // But we have music // I'm only dreaming Lucy vs. the globe // Belgian Music // OMG Blog // Belgzik // Dots and dashes Kokosnøten // Focus Knack Radio 1 // Poppunt

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Vinyl: Mister T // I am a fan // Bilbo Digital: iTunes // Amazon // Juno


Long Days / Sleep Double A-side single released on April 29th, 2013 7" clear vinyl & iTunes

Mess Released on the "Music For Undays" compilation, February 24th,2014 12" clear white vinyl, cd & iTunes

Armor - Illuminine ft. I will, I swear Exclusive Record Store Day 2015 single , released April 18th, 2015 7" white vinyl & iTunes

Strings of Gold Debut EP, released May 11th, 2015 10" clear with black swirl vinyl & iTunes

Tracklist: A1: Summer Nights (De Afrekening; 9 weeks) A2: Fractures (De Afrekening; 9 weeks) A3: Better Than This B1: Strings of Gold B2: Lakes

If the stars grow dim tonight - Hydrogen Sea & I will, I swear Exclusive Record Store Day 2016 single, released April 16th, 2016 10" etched vinyl & iTunes


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