Hyde the Jekyll

Hyde the Jekyll

On a glorious day, Ms Hyde came out of the dark and dampy woods to catch her future band. Mr D (singer) and Mr J (guitar) joined the redheaded Hyde...

    • Blues
    • Rock & Roll
    • Rockabilly Blues with a twist
    • Band
  • Roeselare


On a glorious day Ms Hyde came out of the woods to catch her future band. She went into Sinner-town at nightfall and bashed all the scummy parties she could find. And that she did for six full days and six full nights. It wasn't untill the seventh day, after hopping from bar to bar with her double bass to jam with the most wanted singers, drummers and guitar players in town, that she found what she was looking for. Mr. D, Master Jean and Mr. J joined the redheaded Hyde and together they went back into the foggy woods to work on new songs. They say they made them with their bare hands but no one knows if they didn't get the help of the mighty Jekyll. Some say they saw them together and others are pretty sure they heard them howl into the night. But finally after seven months, seven weeks and seven days they came back, walking from between the black trees. They didn't bring the fearsome Jekyll to play along. He is still hidden in the woods. But hey, can't you hear him howl and roar somewhere in the back at the time they make their souls be heard?




  • Mr. D

    • 45
    • Roeselare (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Mr. J

    • 41
    • Roeselare (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Ms Hyde

    • 44
    • Roeselare (BE)

    Stem - Double bass, cello

  • Master Jean

    • 44
    • Izegem (BE)



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