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The beginning…

They’ve come a long way…

A three year search finally comes to an end when it unites five guys in the backroom of a local venue…

...an instant shockwave in and around Antwerp when the first notes of ‘ Consumer Of Death ’ are struck…

...a solid and tight blend of metal and hardcore fills the air…

This bio marked the start of HOPE ERODES back in 2013.

Three months later, in the summer of 2013, they recorded their first tracks at RED LEFT HAND Recording Studio.

What was initially meant to be for promotional use only, overwhelmed their local fan base and so they decided to release a 4-song EP ‘ LOST TO SUPREMACY ’ March 2nd 2014.

Well received by press and webzines (Aardschok, Up Magazine, Lords of Metal, …) their debut EP brought them to big and small stages all over Belgium: Akkerpop 2013, Finals Antwerp Metal Fest Contest 2014, Metal Against Child Cancer 2015, Winner Black-Out Jam 2016, Finals Wacken Metal Battle 2016, Black-Out Bash 2016, Metal for Pigs – Channel Zero Edition 2018…

RAINWALKER – a new era

After regrouping their forces to a new and steady line-up in 2018, HOPE ERODES finally hit the studio again to record their new 4-song EP RAINWALKER at PROJECT ZERO STUDIO , in the good company of CARNATION ’s Bert Vervoort (recording – mixing) and Yarne Heylen (mastering).


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