Hollywood Bedsheets

Hollywood Bedsheets

Hollywood Bedsheets delivers earworm worthy pop-rock. Too rock for pop, too pop for rock.

    • Poprock
    • Rock
    • Indie
    • Band
  • Brussel-Stad


After the release of their first self-produced album and having toured the roads of their home country for several years, the Belgian band Hollywood Bedsheets delivers their new LP “We Aren’t Who We Are". Enriched by their experience on stages such as Verdur and La Madeleine, the band has transformed the energy of their live experience in the studio.

The sophomore album by Hollywood Bedsheets recaptures their style of bleeding-heart indie-pop-rock. With the help of producer Gaethan Dehoux (Alaska Gold Rush, BRNS, Alpha 2.1), they continue to develop the sound of a new reality, somewhat seasoned yet still searching. At times melancholic and desperate, and other times driven and determined, the album’s ten songs are a journey that is not yet complete, yet progressing all the same, always mindful. Love, loss, vindication, rebuilding, driven.




  • Nick

    • 38
    • Zaventem (BE)

    Drum - Stem

  • Bryce

    • 36
    • Nivelles (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Sam

    • 36
    • Uccle (BE)


  • Antoine

    • 37
    • Bruxelles (BE)




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