Belgische groovy melodische death metal band met een filosofische kijk op de wereld.

    • Metal
    • Melodic Groove Metal
    • Band
  • Mechelen


Hexa Mera is a Belgian metal band that plays heavy music with a strong philosophical foundation. Influenced by a wide range of styles Hexa Mera remains committed to their art and their undying love for intense and enjoyable melodic death metal.

The five-piece has played multiple major festivals in Europe. With a reputation for energetic and furious live performances, they always deliver an unforgettable intense experience. Their live shows are a celebration of life, serving as a vessel for the band to let go of negative energy and inspire a shift in perspective. They stand up for what they believe in and hope to broaden their audience's views through critical thinking and messages of tolerance, acceptance, and trust.

If you like raw power and intense energy fused with furious vocals and catchy melodies, Hexa Mera offers it on a golden plate.




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